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Jump khổng lồ RecipeThe moment has finally arrived. Your Bun Bo Bae has your baông chồng. This is my family"s recipe for bún bò Huế, or spicy Vietnamese beef noodle soup. It"s a noodle soup that hasn"t quite made it in the mainstream like phnghỉ ngơi has. Phở"s ingredients aren"t quite as unfamiliar: sliced lean beef and a mild broth with noodles. Bún trườn Huế, on the other hand, has pig feet & beef shank. If you"re unfamiliar with these ingredients, it"s understandable khổng lồ feel a little reserved. But trust me, this soup will roông chồng your world. The broth is spicy & fragrant, with a ton of lemongrass và chile peppers. I wouldn"t have named myself the Bun Bo Bae if I couldn"t vouch for how delicious this soup is!

Bún trườn Huế history

Bún means vermicelli noodle in Vietnamese. Bò is beef, & Huế is a city in central Vietnam giới. So all together, bún bò Huế is a spicy Vietnamese beef noodle soup Huế.

Huế was the Vietnam"s capital during the Đàng TrongKingdom from 1738 to 1775 and of theNguyen Dynastyfrom 1802 lớn 1945. One of Huế"s most beautiful attractions is its imperial city, which is full of palaces and shrines to former Emperors.

I love sầu the food in Huế, because my mom"s side of the family is from this region. A lot of food from the region is spicy, và this noodle soup is no different. I lượt thích to lớn top each bowl of noodles with some of my homemade Chile Lemongrass Sate, or Tương Ớt Sa Tế, to give each bowl a boost of spicy lemongrass flavor.

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Get me recipe for Chile Lemongrass Sate (Tương Ớt Sa Tế) here!

The vermicelli used in bún trườn Huế is larger than you"ll find in most noodle soups. Find a rice vermicelli that is about the size of spaghetti.

Spicy Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup (Bún bò Huế): Step-by-step instructions


Making the bone broth

Since we"ll be making the bone broth for the bún bò Huế from scratch, we must start by par-boiling the meat. I"ve sầu talked about par-boiling before in multiple recipes, lượt thích my bún riêu/ crab noodle soup or my crockpot pork sparerib soup. By boiling the meat, draining and rinsing, you get rid of all of the scum & impurities, resulting in a cleaner, clearer broth.

For this broth, we"ll be using two types of meat: pork feet (or pork hock) & beef shank. Both of these are tough cuts of meat, which is why the broth must be cooked for so long.


It might be hard to lớn find beef shank unless you go khổng lồ an Asian supermarket. If you can"t find it, beef brisket is a good substitution.


Par-boiling is easy. Simply submerge the pork feet & beef shank in water with a handful of salt & bring khổng lồ a boil. As soon as the water boils, drain and rinse well.


After rinsing the meat, add it baông xã lớn a large pot with water. Add some large chunks of lemongrass & a shallot khổng lồ flavor the broth.

Use the thin, green parts at the top of the lemongrass stalk. This part is tougher. Chop the more tender bottom part up finely with knife or food processor.


Keep the broth simmering for 2-3 hours. Do not let the broth get to a rolling boil. Simmering ensures the broth stays clear. Boiling would emulsify the fat into lớn the broth, making it cloudy. If you see foam or scum rise khổng lồ the top of the broth, use a ladle khổng lồ skyên it off.

If too much broth evaporates, add more water as necessary. Do NOT put the lid on the pot, however. That will cloud the broth.

1-2 hours in, take all of the pork feet out. These will be added back in when the broth is seasoned, so they must be taken out early or else they"ll become too soft. The beef shank will stay in the broth until it"s tender, about 2-3 hours.

Seasoning the broth

After the beef shank is tender, remove sầu them và let them cool before slicing thinly. You can put them in the fridge overnight, which will make them easier khổng lồ slice extra thin.

Disthẻ the lemongrass và shallots as well. At this point, you can strain the broth inkhổng lồ another pot using a sieve sầu. This will remove any bits of lemongrass or shallot that were too small to pichồng out, but this step is optional.


Add the pork feet back into the broth & add Bún bò Huế bouillon cubes. Bảo Long is my family"s favorite brand. You"ll find this at any Asian supermarket, but they"re also available online.


Bring the broth baông xã up to a boil with the bouillon. Meanwhile, heat up some oil in a small pan & add the chopped lemongrass from before. Heat this on low until it"s fragrant, about five sầu minutes. Then pour all of the oil và lemongrass into the broth.


Add more oil to lớn the pan & heat some chile flakes this time. After about 30 seconds, when the chile is fragrant và the oil is a beautiful red color, pour a ladleful of broth inkhổng lồ the pan. It will boil & bubble immediately. Pour the broth back into the pot, being careful to lớn leave sầu any seeds behind.

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To bring out the color of the broth & add an extra kick of spiciness, finish the broth with a spoonful of chile lemongrass sate, or tương ớt cay sa tế. If you can"t find a sate with lemongrass in it, any type of chile oil will bởi. If you"re feeling ambitious (which you must be if you"re cooking this soup), make your own with my recipe.

Taste the broth and season with fish sauce và salternative text to lớn taste if. I added about a tablespoon of fish sauce, but it doesn"t always need it.

What lớn serve sầu with Bún bò Huế


My family likes khổng lồ garnish our bún trườn Huế with rau xanh răm/Vietnamese coriander, banamãng cầu blossom, cilantro & scallions.

The banana blossom provides a nice mild crunch, with a uniquely subtle fragrance. To prepare it, simply slice it thinly and drop it inkhổng lồ a bowl of water with the juice of one lime or some vinegar. The acid will prsự kiện it from browning.


If you can"t find banamãng cầu blossom, purple cabbage sliced thinly will work too, but the flavor will be a little different.

The rau xanh răm should be served both chopped finely along with the cilantro & scallions as well as on the side in whole leaf size. Simply remove the leaves from the tough stems & chop finely.

Bún bò Huế is also often served with chả lụa, a type of Vietnamese pork roll, and huyệt, or pork blood cubes. My family doesn"t lượt thích to add these.


The vermicelli that you buy should look lượt thích spaghetti, but paler. These noodles will take more time lớn cook that spaghetti though. After you"ve boiled them according khổng lồ package instructions, make sure to lớn rinse them thoroughly khổng lồ get rid of any starch. This will prevent the noodles from making the broth thick and cloudy.


To assemble a bowl, simply add some banana flower to lớn the bottom of a bowl. Top with the vermicelli (cooked according to package instructions), sliced beef, và chopped herbs và scallions. Add a few pieces of the pork feet from the broth as well. Then, layer boiling broth over everything.

Lime can be squeezed into the broth for a pop of acidity, và extra chile lemongrass sate can be spooned on top for those who love sầu spice.

This spicy Vietnamese noodle soup actually tastes better the next day, after the flavors have sầu gotten time lớn meld together a little. Since it takes so long to lớn make, it"s a perfect project khổng lồ make to lớn have noodles for breakfast the next day! In fact, in Vietnam, noodle soups are often eaten as breakfast foods.